Liz’s Project

Let's change the face of what society says is beautiful.

The Liz’s Project was formed by my mother and I when we started discussing ways we could give back to the community.  I share my passion of photography with my mom, growing us she always had a camera in her hand and to this day still does.  Since her mother (Nanny Liz) had spent most of her life volunteering to help disabled children we decided to develop The Liz’s Project.

We know that all families deserve beautiful portraits of their children.  Our goal is to show that each individual is beautiful in their own unique way.  To make a child feel beautiful at an early age is something that will have a huge impact on their future and how they treat others as well. 

The Liz’s Project  is a program providing complimentary photography sessions to families with children living with a disability.  Our sessions are designed for special needs children.  These photos capture the child’s beauty, inner beauty or individual personality.  

Our hope is that we can spread awareness about special needs, while giving encouragement to families through the gift of photography.  

To schedule a session with the Liz’s Project send us an email at .  

Want to submit for someone else- no problem just let us know who is filling out the form and your contact information in that section as well. We look forward to hearing your story!