Meet ANY

From the Heart

My name is Ashley Nichole Young, I formed ANY designs & Co. in March 2015.  The company started as a custom gift business and has evolved to include another passion of mine, photography.  I am a professional artist and photographer located in North Georgia. I have an Associates in Art and currently pursuing a Bachelors in Business through Purdue University. Ever since I was a little girl, art has been a passion of mine.  I can look at things with a different perspective, create things people dream of and can capture memories to have for years to come.

My Approach

I want to give you more than pretty photos, generic jewelry or the standard home decor.  My ambition is to creatively capture your story from start to finish by focusing on you, your dreams, passion, soul and personality to create a unique showcase of your life in the most beautiful way possible.

"I will not forget you, I have carved you in the palm of my hand." - Isaiah 49:15

The Passion

In September 2011, my life changed forever.  The events that took place that year impacted and influenced me to be a better individual.  That year my grandmother who was also my best friend and as so many called her “Nanny Liz” was diagnosed with cancer.  I dropped everything in my life to be there for her during this battle.  I watched as the strongest woman I had ever known found defeat against cancer.  She was strong, she was faithful in knowing God had plans for her, and she was a fighter.  Her impact on not only her family’s lives but the lives of everyone she ever met was astounding.  Throughout her life she found peace and happiness in giving back to others, showing anyone she met their true beauty and inspiring people to be better individuals.  After losing my grandmother that year I found myself sitting in the floor night after night with a shoe box in hand looking through old photographs to remember her face.  It flooded my mind with so many memories.  I also found myself admiring the gifts I had made her over the years, ones that she kept and cherish no matter how long she had them.  

Deeper Connection

In March 2015, I decided to begin focusing on my skills as an artist again after losing my grandmother. After learning to make jewelry with emphasis on the personalization around it I decided to open ANY designs & Co. My companies primary focus at that time was to create one-of-a-kind items that people could enjoy and cherish just as my grandmother had before.  Throughout the years to come I expanded my line to include custom home decor, homemade candles and wedding decor.  In 2018, I decided to launch another passion of mine into my business, photography.  I have been taking photos for over 10 years and have always loved how photographs were able to “stop time” and freeze magical moments for years to come.  I have been building my portfolio for years and am ready to expand into capturning new moments and memories for everyone.  My goal is to capture your memories and moments that will bring lasting keepsakes to look back on as your children grow up and loved ones pass on.  

One of the things that I hold close to my heart is my grandmother’s passion to inspire and impact others lives.  Throughout my career I have touched many individuals lives and changed how they feel about themselves and how the world sees them.  My products tell a story, they share with those that you meet, who you are, where you come from and where you are going. A part of my passion and drive comes from giving back to organizations or individuals that I feel need my support.  My grandmother’s last wishes was to have her family educate others about cancer and to support the organization that helped her throughout her battle.  In 2016, I was able to join forces with the American Cancer Society where I donate a portion of my proceeds to aid in finding a cure for cancer.  

Liz's Project

My grandmother’s impact on the world was incredible.  Throughout the years she did so much to help so many people.  In the 1970’s she volunteered with a school in Atlanta, helping children with disabilities.  She provided them with education, love, and aided in showing them they were beautiful.  With the launch of the photography portion of ANY designs & Co. I am partnering up with my mother on a mission to show the world that everyone is beautiful.  We are launching a program called “Liz’s Project”, it is a program to give back to families with special needs children.  This program will provide families with special needs children the opportunity for a complimentary session.  To be considered for this opportunity or to nominate someone you love, please fill out the form on the Liz’s Project section of our website.